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For the protection of sharks and rays

With the global organization: Project Aware

Extinction is not an option!

International trade in wild plants and animals is estimated at several billion dollars a year and in too many cases, threatens the survival of the species. For sharks - who are wanted for the ailerons, their meat, oil, teeth and cartilage - regulation is sorely lacking.

wings sharks

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Send a letter to the leaders of the CITES
Extinction is not an option

Extinction is not an option!

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We are working to enforce the rules of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to help protect threatened sharks. It is high time to preserve the species.

You can help by signing the petition'''' CITES shark. Already signed the petition? You can do more: Send a personalized letter directly to the leaders of CITES. Your approach can help us to gain the necessary support of CITES. Together we will be stronger to defend our arguments for the recognition of CITES currently is not acquired.

Extinction is not an option!

Extinction is not an option!

A petition to ask the leaders of the CITES classify sharks and rays in endangered species

What is CITES?

It is the largest and most effective global conservation organization fauna and flora. With 178 member countries, CITES provides an international framework for monitoring and control of trade in endangered species and has the power to punish violations.

Species listed by CITES are subject to stringent checks and trade quotas. For endangered species, international trade can be stopped.

To date, more than 30,000 species of plants and animals are classified by CITES. His action was a major factor in the preservation of the Nile crocodile, rhino, African elephants, tigers, ....

Shark conservation and CITES

CITES has helped save a multitude of terrestrial species to add to their list sharks and some sea fish is still a difficult battle to win, that's why we need you. We have achieved good progress, whales and great white sharks have been added in the last decade, but not recognized by some countries such as Japan, for example.

At the last meeting in 2010, eight shark species threats were denied registration. More than 120,000 of them have expressed our disappointment to the leaders of CITES. Project AWARE, in collaboration with partner organizations and defenders of sharks in the world, diving schools, organizations Environmental Defense, animals, several foundations are committed to the cause of sharks and rays to hear the next CITES Conference in March 2013.A this occasion, the 178 member countries decide whether to protect certain species of vulnerable sharks: hammerhead sharks, oceanic whitetip, porbeagle sharks and manta rays - against the devastating effects of international trade.

Thank you to give a chance for sharks and rays.

Thank you to sign our petition

Extinction is not an option!  Extinction is not an option!

Extinction is not an option!  Extinction is not an option!

Extinction is not an option!  Extinction is not an option!

Extinction is not an option!  Extinction is not an option!



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