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Apnea CMAS Freediving Training SCHOOL FOR ALL freediver, Beginners, Advanced and Freediving Instructor!

What is its role? Who composes it? And many more answers.
The CMAS Freediving Commission is made up of experienced freedivers (instructors but also competitors or former athletes) from different countries, elected on the proposal of the member federations, for an Olympiad (4 years).


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CMAS Freediving Training SCHOOL, padi and adip FOR ALL freediver, Beginners, confirmed and Freediving Instructor!


Its mission is to promote free diving on an international scool, to develop training courses and to organize the World and Continental Championships (Europe for what we concerns).
It is currently run by a Greek in the persons of Tolis Bellos.
France has been represented on the commission since 2013 by Arnaud Ponche, an international judge who has participated in numerous international competitions as head judge since 2011.


  • Apneist Pool ATUS/CMAS freediver
    Swimming Freediver

    If you want to continue your progress in all freediving disciplines in the pool, then this training is for you. Thanks to your instructor, you will achieve your new goals.

  • Apneist Swimming Pool Confirmed ATUS/CMAS
    Confirmed Pool Freediver

    If free diving has become more than just a pleasure for you, a regular sporting practice that allows you to progress and surpass yourself, then this training is for you.


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  • 1* ATUS/CMAS apnea certificate

    He is an ATUS/CMAS One Star freediver who is proficient in the safe and correct use of all freediving equipment in a training area in sheltered water with an experienced ATUS/CMAS freediver.

  • ATUS/CMAS 2* apnea certificate

    He is an ATUS/CMAS Two Star freediver, who has acquired experience in open water and is considered ready to participate in dives in partnership with a freediver ATUS/CMAS of at least the same level or higher.

  • ATUS/CMAS 3* apnea certificate

    He is a ATUS/CMAS Three Star freediver who is fully trained, experienced and responsible, and is considered competent to lead other freedivers ATUS/CMAS of any level in open water.


Our special offers and diving packages