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Learn scuba diving throughout the year in water at 30 °! This is Thailand!

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Bangkok  BANK
Name account : bruno Mahieu
Number account :  550-0-20510-8-
Bank : Bankok Bank.
Pratamnak rd, 20260 Pattaya Chonburi THAILAND
Code Swift : SICOTHBK
Tél : 66 (0)76 383 508
Fax : 66 (0)76 383 537 attn: Foreign Unit

- Thailand Diving Co Ltd does not accept responsibility for the payment of bank charge of fees resulting from the transfer of money from your account to our bank. Any such fees or charges are under your responsibility, and cannot be deducted from payments for whatsoever reason.
- On any payment, a copy of the Bank receipt as well the name of the group and dates of services must be sent by fax or email to Thailand Diving Co Ltd as soon as possible for confirmation.

Money transfer from Thailand:
- Customers are able to credit our accounts at any Siam Commercial Bank or Kasikorn offices in Thailand. All bank charges are at the expense of the sender.

Money transfer from overseas:
- Customers willing to pay Thailand Diving by bank transfer from overseas for services (Liveaboard, etc...) ...) will have to tick off or mark imperatively by hand on the official form of request for transfer: Bank charges at the expense of the sender.
- Please do not forget to write the details of each payment on the bank official swift transfer form such as the name of the group, dates of services or whatsoever information for our accounting department.
- Per each money transfer, customers are required to add 500 Baht (10.90 €) on top of the total amount including those for international bank money transfer charges in order to cover some bank charges in Thailand, which are not possible to be paid from overseas.


- Customers are able to pay us by Visa or MasterCard online.
- It is the best and fastest way to pay us for late reservation.
- It is the only possible solution 24 hours a day.
- We recommend the payment online for the late reservations or payments because it is credited and verifiable instantaneously on our bank account 7 days a weeks and 24 hours a day.
- VISA card owners must first subscribe on the web site of their bank to the new security "Verify By Visa" program (free).
Visa or Master Card payments will be credited to:
Account Name: Thailand Diving Co Ltd
Remark: All customers willing to pay Seafarer Divers by credit cards (Visa or MasterCard only) for services (Liveaboard, etc...) will have a compulsory 3.5% service charge for covering the bank credit card charges.


 - Tariffs do not include the National Park fees. Admission for Thai: 40 Baht (0.90 €). Admission for foreigner: 400 Baht (8.80 €). Admission for child (Thai & Foreigner alike): 50% discount. Extra for Diver (Thai & Foreigner alike): 200 Baht (4.40 €) per diving day.
- Discount will be made only from our published brochure prices.
- No discount on hotels and tours. Our prices are already discounted.
- Discounts are not accumulative.
- Thailand Diving reserves the right to change discounts, exchange rates and prices without prior notice as well to correct mistakes in printing and pricing. Consult us regularly for the latest update.
- Money converter:
- All our prices are inclusive of government taxes (Tax Invoice/Receipt with VAT for Thai companies only).


Booking procedures: All reservation MUST be confirmed to Thailand Diving Co Ltd, by letter, voucher, fax or Email. Thailand Diving Co Ltd will confirm all reservation requests within 24 hours. In case immediate confirmation is not possible, principals will be informed of the booking status.
Option: A booking will be temporarily reserved for 7 days to arrange travel. After 7 days of non-deposit or full payment of service fee, we may consider NULL and VOID the confirmed reservation and be free of the allotment space.
Reservation and deposit: A reservation is only final after the receipt of a 30% deposit or the full payment in the case of bookings within 60 days before commencement of services.
Full Payment: The balance of 70% is due no later than 60 days prior to commencement of services and must be paid to Thailand Diving Co Ltd in Euros or Thai Baht by cash, credit card or “Swift Telex transfer”.
Cancellation policy: More than 60 days before the commencement of services we retain the 30% deposit, between 60 and 30 days 50% of the total service fee and within 30 days we retain 100% of the total service fee. We strongly recommend obtaining cancellation insurance and travel insurance covering the activities and sports they intend to undertake.


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